Presentations for Professionals(後期2単位)            

客員教授 Ray Roman


The purpose of this course is to increase your ability to give simple and effective English language presentations about professional topics. The focus will be on gaining presentation and communication skills, not on English grammar.

This means that your English language speaking skills?for example pronunciation or grammar skills?do not matter very much for this course. If you have just basic English-speaking ability and you want to learn or improve your presentation skills, you can take this course. In it, you will learn skills that you can apply to your Japanese presentations too. You will also discover that designing and presenting your original ideas can be fun and challenging. Try it and see what you can do! (日本語での質問、相談も可能。)

2.Learning Objectives

  1. Increase your ability to select interesting presentation topics and design simple and clear presentation outlines.
  2. Increase your ability to give simple and effective English language professional presentations.
  3. Increase your ability to listen critically to the presentations of other students, and to recognize strengths and weaknesses in those presentations.

We will begin the course (class 2 and class 3) with some basic guidelines for preparing and presenting presentations, but after those first few classes we will focus on doing. You will have lots of chances to try presentations and to learn by watching the presentations of your classmates.

There is no textbook; study materials will be provided.


  1. 10/01 Introduction
  2. 10/08 Presentation Preparation
  3. 10/15 Presentation Performance
  4. 10/22 Presentation examples (video)
  5. 10/29 Presentation 1 Outline Meetings (bring your outline)
  6. 11/05 Presentation 1 Practice (a)
  7. 11/12 Presentation 1 Practice (b)
  8. 11/19 Presentation 1 Practice (c)
  9. 11/26 Presentation 1 (Evaluated)
  10. 12/03 Presentation 2 Outline Meetings (bring your outline)
  11. 12/10 Presentation 2 Practice (a)
  12. 12/17 Presentation 2 Practice (b)
  13. 01/14 Presentation 2 Practice (c)
  14. 01/21 Presentation 2 (Evaluated)
  15. 01/28 What did we learn?


Presentation 1: 40%

Presentation 2: 60%